101 S. Collier St.
Centralia, MO 65240

(573) 682-2148


Parking is available on both Collier and Singleton streets facing the church building. We also have a paved parking lot on Singleton Street (adjacent to Prenger Foods) and a gravel lot on Collier Street (adjacent to Fenton Funeral Home).


Our Family Entrance (southern entrance on Collier Street) provides wheelchair access to the Fellowship Hall, Kitchen, Gymnasium, and bathrooms. For access to the Sanctuary there is an elevator at the Northwest Entrance on Singleton Street.

What to Expect

We will do everything we can to help you have a great experience on your first visit to FBC. There’s no dress code. Some folks dress up and some folks wear what they’d wear any other day of the week. The goal of our corporate worship service is to glorify God. We’ll sing songs that are 200 years old and we’ll sing songs that are 2 years old.


We have children’s ministry available during our Sunday morning worship service for babies through third graders. During Sunday School, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening services we have classes for all ages. Our children’s ministries use a computerized check-in system to ensure that your children are secure during all ministry activities.


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